With state-of-the-art tools to deliver complete picture and sound restoration, The Ark can enhance or restore your programmes to preserve or monetise the content for new formats, new markets and new audiences while tailored to suit your budget.

    At The Ark we are equipped with four of the most powerful digital restoration tools on the market; Phoenix, MTI, Diamant and PF Clean.

    In Phoenix we can run semi-automated passes, and we have a full set of DVO restoration tools at our disposal that can tackle any issue inherent in the film including dirt, scratches and stability which will minimise the amount of time needed in manual restoration.

    As well as the Phoenix we can also use the full set of semi-automated tools in Diamant and PF Clean. Experience has shown us that what doesn’t work in one restoration tool will often work in another, for example some of the flicker tools and the interpolation tools in Diamant have come to the rescue before when nothing else would work.


    After all the hard work has been done, the data can be pulled back into Nucoda or Phoenix and deliverables can be made. We’ll take the open gate DPX files and mask them to their original aspect ratio, synchronise any audio, retime any silent films to original running speed and then export to file, or playout to tape.

    We can make deliverables for Blu-ray encoding, transmission, or create a DCDM for DCP creation.

    We can also offer transcode to any other files for archival or any other purpose.

    Quality Control

    The files or tapes can then be given a full quality review (QAR) to ensure it meets the standards required for its intended purpose.

    Data Backup

    SD, HD, 2K or 4K DPX files can then be backed up to LTO for long term storage, or we can house on our onsite disk storage for you.


    CT Media have been working with The Ark for over three years for our post production and delivery needs. We represent a number of independent producers internationally and our biggest hurdle is ensuring that their content is technically high enough to meet international broadcast standards. The Ark work their magic in post, audio and delivery – bringing content up to spec. Although based in the USA we always send our material to The Ark. We trust Dan and his team 100% to get the job done at a fair price.

    Simone McNaught: VP International Sales and Acquisitions/Director of Production – CT Media Distribution