The Ark is one of London’s leading Digital Cinema experts, with over 10 years’ experience creating Digital Cinema Packages, and offers a fully managed HDD and electronic delivery service at unbeatable rates.  We are able to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) / Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) files from your source material which are fully DCI compliant. Clients can also utilise our cloud-based storage and delivery systems.

    Other services include:

    • Encoding from all tape/file sources to all recognised formats
    • DPP creation and delivery
    • Full Compliance Assured
    • Audio Loudness including EBU R128
    • Flash Pattern Analysis testing and fixing
    • Automated QAR
    • Eyeball QAR to all broadcaster specifications
    • BBC Studios approved
    • File delivery via secure high bandwidth solutions
    • Over 1 Petabyte of spinning disc storage