Here at The Ark we offer sound editorial and design, mixing and voice-over facilities for projects starting from any point in the production or post production process. The Ark can provide creative sound services for all of your long-form or short-form projects.

    Our dubbing suite runs Pro Tools v.11 HD via a C24 mixing desk. All of our suites (video and audio) are connected via our internal storage for a seamless workflow between sound and editorial areas, as well as other technical post production areas via our 10Gb production network SAN.

    The audio suite has 5.1 monitoring and the ability to handle Dolby E decoding and encoding. Loudness monitoring and correction for broadcast is available from any point in the post production chain. We also deliver digital content to all of the major broadcasters and have adopted the latest standards required for DPP delivery.


    CT Media have been working with The Ark for over three years for our post production and delivery needs. We represent a number of independent producers internationally and our biggest hurdle is ensuring that their content is technically high enough to meet international broadcast standards. The Ark work their magic in post, audio and delivery – bringing content up to spec. Although based in the USA we always send our material to The Ark. We trust Dan and his team 100% to get the job done at a fair price.

    Simone McNaught: VP International Sales and Acquisitions/Director of Production – CT Media Distribution